About Us

Who We Are
The Law & Religion Society exists to educate, advocate, and plan debates on religion and its role in law & public policy, and the promotion of interfaith dialogue among all the religious groups at NYU School of Law.

Our Mission
The Law & Religion Society is dedicated to providing a place for others to hear debates & discussions involving religion and its role in the law & public policy. By advocating all religious legal & policy issues, the Law & Religion Society will strive to promote further dialogue between all religious groups.
The Law & Religion Society (LARS)
The purpose of LARS is to provide education, debate, advocacy, and presentations on the religious/legal/policy arguments concerning religious liberty and secularism on a range of social and political issues. We welcome those interested in scholarship on the separation of Church and State, comparative secular legal regimes, and the role that religion plays in sociopolitical and cultural movements. Finally, LARS will provide a space for intellectual/scholarly discussions on the role of religion or irreligion in the law.